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The autumn plenary session of Central Commission for the navigation of the Rhine (CCNR), was held on 1 December 2011 in the headquarters of this organization in Strasbourg during which, inter alia a decision was adopted granting the observer status to the Republic of Serbia.

The session discussed the following agenda items:

1.      Opening of the session – adoption of the agenda
2.      General legal rules
2.1    Granting the status of observer to the Republic of Serbia
2.2    A rough assessment of the period 2010-2011
2.3    Preparing activities for the period 2012-2013
2.4    Safety and reliability of the Rhine waterway
2.5    Climate changes and the navigation on the Rhine
2.6    Sustainability of navigation on the Rhine and navigation on inland waterways
2.7    International cooperation of CCNR (with EU and international organizations)
2.8    Preparing of diplomatic conference on a revision of Convention on limitation of liability in inland navigation
2.9    Examination of a complaint filed with CCNR
2.10  Status of ratification of conventions and protocols related to CCNR
3.      Economic aspects, economic situation in the Rhine navigation sector
4.      Certificates for boatmasters and crew members
4.1    Recognition of Bulgarian certificates for boatmasters
4.2    Administrative agreement to be concluded with the Republic of Bulgaria
4.3    Setting up of Working Group for mutual recognition and modernisation of professional competence in inland navigation sector
5.      Traffic rules
6.      Technical requirements for vessels
7.      Transport of dangerous goods on inland waterways
8.      Questions related to the Rhine as a waterway
9.      Data concerning implementation in member states of decisions of committees and working groups and data concerning procedures for non-prolongation of temporary requirements
10.    Budget and administrative issues
11.    Any other business 

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