XIV International Seminar of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

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The XIV International Seminar of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping was held on 12th and 13th October 2011 in St. Petersburg. This year’s theme was: Quality Shipping: XXI Century Standard. Maritime Community: Searching for a Balance of Interests.

The following presentations were delivered by guest speakers:

  • IMO’s goal-based ship construction standards
  • Maritime transport and the maritime safety perspective in the EU
  • Balance between prevention and response in the field of maritime safety
  • Balancing interests in international regulations
  • Recent developments on Port State control ın the Black Sea regıon
  • What should a responsible shipowner expect from a responsible flag state?
  • Training of seafarers in the present conditions
  • Development of air emissions standards for international shipping
  • The developments on marine environmental protection and trackıng systems ın Black Sea and Medıterranean regıons
  • Enhancing corporate social responsibility: the way towards quality shipping
  • The Hong Kong Convention and the operational practicalities and realities of ship recycling
  • INTERTANKO’s recent key initiatives to improve maritime safety, security and environmental protection


The closing presentation – Recent developments in Russian maritime transport safety legislation, was delivered by the representative of the host institution.

After all papers have been delivered, the participants to the XIV International Seminar have adopted a common statement.