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The extraordinary meeting of TSCI Council was held in Moscow 14 and 15 December 2011 which was attended by 7 permanent TSCI members, 4 observers in TSCI and other related organizations.

During the meeting the following agenda items were discussed:

1.    Opening of the meeting
2.    Election of working bodies. Adoption of the agenda
3.    Admittance to TSCI observers. Report of TSCI Secretariat
4.    50th anniversary of cooperation of technical survey and classification. Report of Dr Evgeny Trunin, Chairman of TSCI Council, General Director of Russian River Register
5.    Information reports concerning activities of TSCI members, including the activities related to TSCI
       anniversary. Reports of the heads of TSCI member delegations
6.    Defining the strategic ways of development of TSCI. Report of TSCI Secretariat
7.    Introducing changes to TSCI Statute according to the development strategy and priority ways of TSCI


The session was opened by Dr Evgeny Trunin, Chairman of TSCI Council who read the letters from the European Commission, UN Economic Commission for Europe and Danube Commission on the occasion of 50th anniversary of this organization and submitted the report on the occasion of 50 years of cooperation of technical survey and classification bodies.


In his opening speech he mentioned the organizations which took part as a permanent members of TSCI on the basis of the Agreement of 1961 i.e.: Bulgarian Register of Shipping, Vietnam Register of Shipping, Chief Inspection of Transport of Hungary, Yugoslavian Register of Shipping, Cuban Register of Shipping, Survey and Classification Organization DDR, Korea Register of Shipping, Register of Shipping of USSR, Shipping Register of Ukraine, Polish Register of Shipping, Russian River Register and Czechoslovak Register of Shipping.

The minutes included the presentation of TSCI working bodies: Consultation of TSCI directors, Consultation of TSCI main engineers, Consultation of authorized experts and Consultation of experts. In addition to these working bodies there are the following working groups: Working Group for general provisions and survey, Working Group for hull, Working Group for life-saving appliances and signal means, Working Group for stability, bulkheads, load lines, carriage of grain and cargoes in bulk, Working Group for machinery space, boilers, heat exchangers, systems under pressure and pipeworks, Working Group for electrical, radio and navigational equipment, control engineering and computers, Working Group for fire protection, Working group for materials an welding, Working group for containers and Working group for protection against pollution from ships. Within the same agenda item, the objectives of TSCI, conditions for accession to TSCI as well as the TSCI rules were presented. The chairman reminded in chronological order of the most prominent events in the history of TSCI work, and the Council considered and adopted the above mentioned minutes.

At the end of the two-days meeting, the TSCI members signed Minutes of the meeting of TSCI Council. The signature ceremony was also attended by the representatives of the Authority for Determination of Seaworthiness of the Republic of Serbia.